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The Ash Kumar Makeup, Hair and Styling Course teaches the latest trends in Asian beauty. This professional, progressive and dynamic course is taught by industry leaders who are passionate about makeup. Through a hands-on interactive experience, the Academy will teach you unique application techniques to achieve specific looks as well as develop your skills and creativity.

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Location:              NY/NJ Area

Class Timing:       10am to 6pm


Enrolment Procedure:

1st payment of $500 USD is required to book and secure your place in the course. 

Balance is due 2 weeks prior to class beginning by Credit Card


Course Breakdown:

Day 1:  Makeup Fundamentals & Introduction/ Daytime Registry Looks

Day 2:  Makeup Fashion/ Evening/ Reception Bridal Looks

Day 3:  Hair Basic, Bridal Registry and Traditional Looks

Day 4:  Hair Bridal and Red Carpet Looks. Dupatta Head Setting

Day 5:  Bridal Styling and Dressing with Dupatta & Sarees - Including Bollywood Looks


As part of the course you will learn:

Bridal Consultation Process

Daytime Makeup Looks

Looks for Classic and Modern Brides

Fashion, Evening and Bridal Reception Looks

AK Smokey Seduction Eye

AK Glitter Glam eye

AK Liner Techniques

AK Bollywood Contour

Hair Basics, Bridal and Traditional Looks.

Creating looks with high fashion styling.

Red Carpet Looks and Bollywood hair trends.

Dupatta Head Setting

Brushes, Tools & Terminology & Techniques

Foundations, Concealers and Powders

Face shapes & Corrective techniques

Color matching

Eyelash application

Cheeks and Lips

Creating the perfect brow

Learning color theory


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Makeup Fundamentals & IntroductIon/Daytime Registry Looks

As a makeup artist you will learn how to “prepare the canvas” (face). Preparing the canvas is the first element in every application both beginning and advanced. Understanding the very importance of base makeup, how and why - is the beginning to the ultimate finish.

Understanding how to choose and when to use foundation/products:

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Makeup Fashion/Evening/Reception Bridal Looks

This is the day where we address the most common asked question, ‘can you do my make up for my wedding?’ Our experts give you specifics and detailed guidance on application techniques and help boost confidence. Our professional team and majority of our past students rate this as the best day of the make up classes!

Learn how to create dramatic heavy smokey

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Hair Basic, Bridal Hair and Red Carpet Looks.

Hair is the ultimate finish to any makeover. Hair may look hard, but when made easy to learn, any look is possible. you will be provided with state of the art apparatus and equipment and a professional head doll to create hairstyles. you will learn 5 in-trend hair styles   You will also learn different curling techniques and how to use extensions to enhance your hair creations.

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Hair Bridal and Red Carpet Looks. Dupatta Head Setting

You will learn some of our most secret techniques, our ground breaking styles and tips.

See a behind the scenes insight to give your clients the latest hairstyles from the red carpet. Leaving your clients wondering how you created that!?

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Bridal Styling and DressIng wIth Dupatta & Sarees IncludIng Bollywood Looks

Dressing the bride perfectly for her big day is extremely important. This is one very important skill a professional must obtain when creating that ultimate look for your client.  

With step by step demonstrations, on this day you will learn how to drape, pleat,

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