Soosan Ladha has been with the Ash Kumar Group of Companies since 2010.  While Soo's academic background is in Education, she had the opportunity to be trained at the Ash Kumar Studios in London to pursue her interest in Henna.  Mr. Ash Kumar was impressed by Soo's passion and ambition, and within just a few short weeks of returning to the USA, she was offered a key position as Training Course Advisor for North America.  

Soo’s professionalism, natural flair in management, her dedication to the Brand combined with her organization and leadership skills, led to her current position-Managing Director of The Ash Kumar Group of Companies (Global).  Reporting directly to Mr. Ash Kumar, she oversees the day to day operations in every segment of the Brand (Ash Kumar Artist Agency,  Ash Kumar Academy UK and USA, Ash Kumar Beauty Shop Online UK, USA and Canada)

She shares Mr. Kumar's vision in expanding the already established global AK platform for aspiring artists, empowering them with the reach, tools, materials and drive to succeed in the world of beauty. Driving his core belief that every single person who touches the Brand, should have an “Ash Kumar Experience.”   Ash Kumar-the brand, have set the standard for other Asian Beauty Companies Globally to follow suit, by surpassing expectations and bringing the wider beauty community together.

Soosan has achieved many accomplishments as a businesswoman within the AK Brand sector, and is fast becoming a role model for many aspiring Asian Women in business.  What drives her is the belief that woman can have  it all.  She believes that you can be a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister and a career woman without sacrificing one for the other.  “The secret to success......Work harder than you are working right now”.