Executive Artist and Henna Educator for the Ash Kumar Academy Canada -  Dr Shafeena Premji has two deep passions and purposes in life - mendhi and medicine. She is a practicing physician in Obstetrics and Women's Health but also an extraordinary and skilled mendhi artist.

She began her henna journey at the age of 17 when she became inspired by the artistic design and history of henna and how it makes a woman feel sensual and beautiful. The process of becoming a professional artist happened without her even realizing it. She recalls "studying" the astounding work of Ash Kumar and trying to deconstruct his design process in her own mind.

Shafeena is Ash Kumars #1 fan! When she finally met him years after admiring his work, it was a dream-come-true. And when he personally asked her to join the Academy during her 2nd day in her henna course, she knew being an educator was meant for her Shafeena believes that God has blessed her with the natural skill as a henna artist, and feels that through the AK Academy, she can now inspire and help her students dreams come true.

Shafeena LOVES bridal mendhi. That's where she is inspired the most. There is gratification in spending quiet special moments with her client as she transforms her into a beautiful bride in preparation for the most important day in her life. Every bridal design is unique, each having its own focal point, and customized to suit the client.

As an Executive Artist and Henna Educator for the Ash Kumar Academy, Shafeena thoroughly enjoys the classroom time with her students. She brings a very beautiful spiritual component to the classroom where she is inspirational, motivating, warm and approachable  - all these which comes very naturally to her. In her eyes, every student represents one more opportunity to change a life, uplift a soul, and to inspire someone towards their deeper passion for art in their life.